An entrepreneur, inventor, visionary, humanist and a natural iconoclast
The founder of Recépieux® built his concept following the Leonardo da Vinci quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.
The founding elements of his strategy are the following :

1 – There are no problems without solutions;
2 – If you do not find a solution of a problem, this means that you are part of the problem ;
3 – Solutions are always easy: only our minds are complicated.

the mentors

Leonardo Da Vinci

« Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication »

La Fontaine

« Patience and time do more than force and rage »

Cardinal de Retz

« If you set aside ambiguity, it is always to your own detriment. »

This direct and practical way of speaking has seduced clerks of works, the true “bosses” on construction sites, who are have to juggle difficulties linked to the terrain, man and resource management, costing and scheduling.

His team share his human values but also his professional experience and the quality of customer service. A multilingual member has recently joined the team to assist in the international development of the business. General knowledge is the main selection criterion for his team members.
Dominique Fonfrède often quotes Karl Marx :

« Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. »

The strategy of RECEPIEUX is built on the foundations of the fables of La Fontaine (used as the Bible as far as management is concerned), common sense and consistency.


The head office of Recépieux® (a passive energy building) also testifies to this respect for man and the environment, to this quest for quality and unceasing innovation.


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